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Minelab metal detectors are widely used by Police department - Detective Division. The cutting edge technologies help investigators recovery evidence from scene and solving crimes. Minelab is the proud supplier to the US military for land mine clearance efforts. Our solutions are specifically designed for: Homeland Security, Federal Investigation Agencies, Police Departments, Marine Law Enforcement Dive Teams, Fire Departments and Military.

Key solution features:
  • Fast evidence recovery time and improved data collection efficiency.
  • Rugged design for all-terrain and underwater environments.
  • Specialized in identifying bullet casings, knives, guns, jewelry, coins and small metal fragments
  • Software program allow teams to collect field data, add supporting notes and images, archive to file, and exchange data to and from field in real-time.
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Retail Price: US $195.00
Minelab Direct: 186.00
Savings: US $9.00

Locate coins, rings, treasure and gold with speed and accuracy. The PRO-FIND 25 is an essential part of your detecting tool kit.
Retail Price: US $1,949.00
Minelab Direct: 1,649.00
Savings: US $300.00

The Excalibur II has industry leading multi-frequency technology in a rugged waterproof housing. This detector is great for land-based through to extreme underwater detecting.
Retail Price: US $1,975.00
Minelab Direct: 1,704.00
Savings: US $271.00

The E-TRAC is one of the most advanced TREASURE detectors available with multi-frequency technology. This detector offers you superior performance and enhanced 2D Discrimination for precision target identification.
CTX 3030
Retail Price: US $3,250.00
Minelab Direct: 2,749.00
Savings: US $501.00

The CTX 3030 is a waterproof, all-terrain TREASURE detector designed to give you ultimate performance in any landscape.
SDC 2300
Retail Price: US $4,875.00
Minelab Direct: 4,125.00
Savings: US $750.00

Find elusive sub-gram nuggets on land & underwater!