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Metal detectors when combined with grid mapping, provide an ideal means of non-invasive remote sensing. From conducting density plots at sites where it is known there are no modern debris fields to locating sites in a discrete fashion, the metal detector become another technique to define and locate archaeological sites.

SITE SURVEY (Phase 1 location and Phase 2 definition)

The E-TRAC provide archaeologists with the ability to locate near-surface targets (5-6 inches) quickly and at a depth necessary for penetrating to the bottom of plowzone (12-16 inches). The ease of use in all-metal mode provides the needed sensitivity for locating both ferrous and non-ferrous hits. Preset programs allow for quick change between iron-rich clay soils and sandy soils. The CTX 3030 is our signature survey machine featuring GPS tracking and target marking for located location and coding of individual signals. This machine was custom made to provide provenience control and inventory of hits. The Excalibur II is our most popular underwater machine-with the ability to detect sunken artifacts. This amazing detector is fully waterproof to 200ft deep. The best performing waterproof detector.

REMOTE SENSING FOR DEEP TARGETS and isolated small signals

The GPX Series provides specialized detection the following situations: For deep or very small signals that often provide clues for features that might otherwise be missed during excavations. The most popular technique for use of this machine is at the end of excavations use for scanning the bottom of the unit to ensure that the true bottom of the cultural layer has been reached at the site. Also, the GPX series allows detection of very widely scattered hits that might be missed with non-pulse induction machines. Slow scans with the GPX 5000 ensures that every metallic at a site can be pinpointed and marked for plotting and excavation.
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